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Watch investing education that is based on experience. These videos will teach you all you need to know about investing, from beginner to pro. You'll be investing your own money in no time.



Be guided by someone who does investing full time since 2008. I keep in touch with my VIP members. And I would see to it that they learn. I will never leave them in the dark. And I will always be available for any questions.


Stock Picks

Invest alongside me. Want to know what stocks are good to buy? No worries, just follow my recommended stocks and you'll be on your way. I use my own money to invest in the same stocks. We invest together.

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  • Access to all videos (current and future videos)
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Limited Slots Only

I am to accept 20 12 4 VIP only. Once the slots have been filled, I will close the door. I am very particular with the number of VIP/students I take in. I like to focus my time and attention to these students and help them. Concentrate on improving their skills. Its about quality for me, not quantity. I am not here for the money.

So if the slots are filled, I will no longer take anymore VIP. So act now.

Slots remaining: 20 12 4

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Your Financial Freedom Starts Now

I am giving you the opportunity to change your life for the better. Knowledge that would help you live a better financial life. The same knowledge that helped me be financially free at age 24. Without the confusing words that people use all the time to intimidate you. I am your friend. You can ask me anything, and I will explain to you everything.

I won't promise you that you will be super rich. Because I am not. What I can promise you is that, I can show you the way to financial freedom through investing. You'll feel powerful and in control of your money until the rest of your life. Join me now. Let's start your journey.

Yes, I want to learn investing and use it to become financially free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to pay? What are the payment options?

A: If you have a Credit Card or PayPal account, just use this link to pay online. If you DON'T have a Credit Card or PayPal account, you can pay via Bank Deposit or LBC Pera Padala. Just email us at for instructions.

Q: I'm an OFW and I don't have a Credit Card or PayPal, how can I pay?

A: You can remit the payment to our bank account just like how you would send money to your family in the Philippines. Just email us for instructions and bank details.

Q: What if I want to cancel my membership?

A: If you paid online, just send us an email to cancel your membership. If offline, membership expires every month. So you just have to wait for the month to expire if you want to cancel your membership.

Q: How often do you upload content?

A: VIP Members enjoy fresh content regularly. I upload lessons at least once a week. And I plan to do so for a very long time. I have a long list of courses and lessons that I still want to produce. I will be making videos of all the things I know about investing.

Q: Can I personally ask you questions about investing?

A: I highly encourage you to ask me questions thru email so I can explain concepts that you are finding difficult to understand. If many people ask the same question, I will make a video of it so other people may learn from it as well. We are all here to learn.

Q: What's your credibility of teaching investing?

A: I understand that people might be turned off by me teaching investing. I am not a financial advisor and I am not a stock broker. That is both good and bad. The bad side is, I don't have a reputation, of being in the industry because I learned this all on my own, so I understand the doubts. The good thing is, I am not biased. Brokers and Advisors are like salesmen who makes money by commissions for selling you insurance or a stock. I am not biased to sell you stocks or insurance, which means, our interest are both the same. To make money in investing and to retire. We are both in the same boat. A normal person, without any affiliation to any company that wants to sell you something.

What I am, is a full time, individual investor. I don't have any other job since 2008 but to invest. I invest my own money full time. I invest to put food on the table for my family. Let me help you do the same.

Ok. I'm ready to join.

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** For PayPal payment, change the currency to USD on the payment page.
*** For Bank deposit and LBC Padala payments, kindly email us for instructions