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April 19, 2017

Imagine a place where beginner investors can go learn and practice their strategies before going out into the world and making money by investing.

That was the goal of How to Invest for Beginners. A breeding ground for the next best investors of the country. But before that happen, you need to know the site and what it can offer you.

Bull vs Bear

I imagine trading the same way. If the market goes up, the trader has a good chance to make money. But if the market went down, he will lose money. But I don't want beginners to be trading. I want them investing. To prove my point, I created a simple game where one can invest with the bears or the bulls.

Nobody can predict in 100% accuracy where the market will go. That's the nature of trading. Its a probabilities game. But if you still want to prove me wrong, you can play the Bull vs Bear and test your skills at predicting the market.

Its all good fun. Try it out.

At the end of trading day, we check if the market went up or down. The winning team will get 200% of their cash points. While the losers will lose their investments.

You can place your investment with the bulls or bears here.

Stocks portfolio

The stocks portfolio page is where you can buy and sell stocks. You can test your stock picking strategies there. The investor will get 100,000 cash points as starting point.

You can not reset your cash points so be careful with your investment!

Buying and selling stocks has fees to make things more realistic. The stock data are real time. There may be times where its delayed though.

You can visit the stocks portfolio page here.

How to get more cash points

If you made a mistake with your investment and ran out of cash, you can get cash points in 2 ways.

1. By watching the video lessons and taking the exam. If you perfect the exam, you get extra points.

2. Logging in everyday. Checking your portfolio or participating in the site will result in daily cash reward. Just be sure to click on the "receive" button to receive your reward.

The reward may vary. The more you participate, the more cash rewards you receive.

Wrap up

There's a lot of things I want to add to the site to make it the best place for investors. But I want to know your opinion. Send in your comment or suggestion if you have one.

How can I help you become a better investor?

About the author

Wayne quit his engineering job in 2009 to pursue investing. He is now a bum stock investor managing his own money. He wants to teach other people how to invest. How long before he quit is still left unknown.


Wayne April 20, 2017 04:14:00

hi guys, let me know if theres any feature you would like to get added on the site. i would love to hear your thoughts.

sniperfang April 20, 2017 07:14:00

nice site po sir. :)

Wayne April 23, 2017 06:49:57

thanks @sniperfang. :)

JEI April 29, 2017 06:45:05

How about an android app? Para naman meron mobility.

Wayne April 29, 2017 07:44:43

Hi @JEI thank you for all the comments. Maybe in the future. You can still visit the site using mobile phone. And it will display accordingly.

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